25 February 2013

Week in Review: Sad Face is Sad

It's early (for me) Monday morning. I'm sitting at the computer with a Timmies and sad face. I have been up for HOURS. Why? Because Matt has left.

Just for the week, and just to Wainwright, but this signals the first in a long spring full of time apart from one another. He will be spending 3 of the next 4 months in Wainwright, off and on, and while I have found many ways to keep myself busy and in good company, there's nothing like being held in Position 35 after a long day. (NB: Position 35 is where Matty lies on his back, and I curl up beside him with his arm around me; 35 Alpha is when I curl up on the other side and 53 is where I hold him. It's an us thing, established very early in our courtship.) So while I lament the lack of 35-ing, let's recap what went on this week.

After a wonderful, relaxing Family Day together, I spent most of my Tuesday-to-Friday in waiting rooms for various medical visits. I have a lovely bruise where they took my blood (in gills, remember?). I also had a gratifying visit with my psychiatrist, and headway has been made on the subject of getting a therapist to see weekly, which is something I have been lacking since my move to Edmonton last July. We went out on Friday night to a friend's birthday party, and though we were having a great time, had to come home early because I was edge-of-tears exhausted. The party was themed "ABCs - Ascots, Bowties, and Cardigans", and Matt dressed up in his dapper bowler hat and vest combo, complete with an ascot that I sewed together from an old tie.
I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself.

Saturday and Sunday we focussed on getting Matt ready to go to the field, so trips to Walmart for last-minute supplies and a drive up to the base was on the agenda. When we left the house on Sunday, he promised me that he would get me one of the tiny My Little Pony figurines I've been collecting as a treat (I think he was already feeling guilty about leaving me alone). However, with each stop we made there were no ponies to be had. So Matt, who when he gets something in his head gnaws at it like a dog with a bone, drove all over the south end of the city in the search for 2-inch vinyl ponies. Finally, we ended up at a toy store, and he was so happy they had some that I got two instead of just one.

This week, to keep myself occupied, I have many aspirations, including cleaning the apartment. Yay. Also on the list are thank you cards from our wedding in September and an appointment to get the car serviced. My enthusiasm holds no bounds. If you're bored, remember: so am I. I just wasted 2 whole hours on the internet looking at clipart.


Unknown said...

You two are awesome. That is all.

Christina said...

Agreed with the awesomeness. <3

Michael Peterson said...

That's a damn fine ascot. If I bring you a tie this weekend, will you make one for me?
Matt's determination to be classy continues to break all barriers.

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