20 March 2013

On the Road Again

Wanna know what I did this morning? Do ya? Do ya? Huh? HUH?

I drove from home to the base to the airport to home. That's a round trip of 120km. Follow the purple line!

"A" is also where "D" is located, which is home.
It is the furthest I've driven in forever! And all in one shot. It makes me proud to see it outlined on a map like this. Part of the drive was also on the highway we refer to as "The Highway of Death", or Highway 2, because it is a ridiculously ill-equiped major road for the amount of traffic and the weather that it gets. There was a lot of slowing down for looky-loos on the way to the airport ("C" on the map) because people were diving off the road in the blowing snow, but on the way home there were no accidents and no looky-loos. Stopped at IKEA and Wal-Mart after swinging through Arrivals to pick up Nicole, and stocked up on food for the coming week (there were no ponies, I checked). Then we came home through the city. I pointed out the tattoo parlour, which looks like it might be a go, and some other highlights of the downtown Edmonton area.

I told you all this would be a short post, and it is. We are just waiting on Matt to call so we can swing up and get him from the base ("B" on map above). There will probably lunch to be had and then a quiet night in, as it's supposed to snow/freezing rain all evening.

On Friday, I promise pictures of the Moreuil Wood parade taking place tomorrow and of Matt and I dressed to the nines heading out to the mixed Mess dinner. I cannot wait to share all this with all of you!

Also: YAY ME!


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