06 March 2013

The Bucket List

Wednesday's blog posts are typically different from the other two, in that I very seldom talk about myself - it's more of an opportunity to share with you things that I find fun/amusing/inspiring, etc. I unofficially call them "Wednesday Whimsies" when I plan my posts. It's unlikely this will ever change.

This week I'd like to share with you my Bucket List. Everyone has one, even if you don't really think about it fairly often. I didn't think much of it until I met Matt, and then suddenly, everything started to matter. I realized that, when we fell in love, I had somehow managed to cross an item off of the List without my realizing.

Yes, my "knight in shining armour[ed vehicles]" was not only on the list, it was in the Top 3. Then, along the way through our first few months together, I discovered there were more items on the List that I hadn't even realized were included. Things like having a ring on my finger that meant I was taken (not an engagement ring, just some sort of promise ring). Or having two moms (don't get me wrong: mine is fantastic, but two means that I have double the Mom-itude).

It is nearly 2 years since I moved in with the love of my life and began our epic journey together. Here are some more things I've crossed off the list in that time:
  • Putting my feet down in every province in Canada (was only at 2, but have upped the count to 5)
  • Riding in the ambulance with the lights on (which is secretly on everyone's list but no one wants it to be because of them)
  • Private jet ride (see disclaimer above)
  • Box seats at Spruce Meadows, and the subsequent
  • Rubbing elbows with the insanely oil rich and other celebrities
  • Box seats at a professional sports game (which was NHL), and the subsequent
  • Being on international television
  • Standing on Remembrance Day beside a soldier and swelling with pride because of their service
  • Getting married!
Sure, there is a lot more on the List that I haven't done, but if it wasn't for Matt, good or bad, I wouldn't have experienced any of these things. In all honesty, I didn't really start living my life until he came into it. And now that he's here, the List has changed. It's now full of things I want us to do together instead of things I wished I could do alone. Things like:
  • Go to Scotland
  • Visit L'Anse Aux Meadows in Newfoundland
  • Take the train through the Rockies
  • Go to Disneyland in California
  • Attend a music festival
  • Go whale-watching
  • Drink wine in France...
Et cetera. I'm so excited to check some of these off the List, and even if I don't, you know what I've learned? I've learned that it doesn't matter because as long as we are doing something together, it's a perfectly acceptable addition to the List.


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