17 June 2013

Week in Review: Head Spins

What a week. I feel like my head is still spinning. Actually, that might be the weather. It's been really weird here for the past little while: like today, which had bright blue skies this morning but by 3pm it's expected to be thundering and lightning. It makes everything ache, which makes my head feel all dizzy-making, which gives me a "my-brain" ("migraine" for those who haven't had a toddler say the word to them), which causes me much napping. It's a cycle, and a vicious one. This is also why I can't seem to keep a proper swim schedule. I suppose the lesson here is, don't worry about it. Just swim when you can and everything will turn out okay.

Anyways, back to my week.
  • Monday was Mum and Nanny's last day here. We planned to go to Kingsway Mall to pick up some last minute items for them and hit the stores that Mum doesn't have back home. Matt worked until 1pm that day, so he came home and drove us there. We spent the afternoon looking around and spent Mum's money. I love spending other people's money.
  • Tuesday we said our goodbyes at the airport and I came home to nap. Once again, the afternoon was free for my hubby, so we finally got to see Star Trek: Into Darkness (and it was fantastic). 
  • Wednesday was finally back to a normal routine - I went swimming, and we had ham steaks and caprese salad for supper. Unfortunately, it was also a fairly difficult day for Matt. A bottle of wine later, we sat and talked in earnest for a couple hours before both ending up in bed emotionally exhausted. 
  • Thursday he worked until late, performing official duties in his new position at the Regiment, and then we celebrated our first Date Night of the summer by walking to the bar down the street and people-watching the salsa dancers. Matt and I used to have Date Nights every other week pre-accident, and I have put together a list of free or cheap things for us to do in Edmonton so we can get back into having them. They remind both of us how lucky we are to have one another's company.
  • Friday night was one of the yearly parties at the Base - an East Coast themed event with surf and turf, and lots of fish-kissing and screech-drinking (I kissed the fish; Matt got the screech). I love getting dressed up and feeling pretty, and I got to see and visit with some great people. Plus, events like that at the Mess usually come with free or low-cost tickets and they provide taxi chits, so double bonus.
  • Saturday we did a bunch of errands that we have been putting off, like taking the shelf I bought on a whim back to IKEA because my whim was dumb, and getting frames for pictures we've been gingerly moving around all rolled up for months now.
  • And yesterday was Father's Day, which we anti-celebrated by going to see My Little Pony: Equestria Girls in the theatre (!!!) Yes, I took Matt, and yes, we both watched it, and no, we weren't the only ones there without children. We wandered around Indigo afterward to stretch our legs and I picked up an agenda so I can keep track of all my appointments, etc. on the go.
Gotta make sure I pack my doilies for Date Night!
And though it was only seven days, it felt like a whole month passed between Monday and Friday. The advantages and disadvantages of being busy, I suppose. This week is already looking busy for us as well - friends coming from out of town, a dinner get-together, another Army party...

I think I might have a pre-emptive nap this afternoon.


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