10 July 2013

When Fairies Come to Tea

One of my summer projects this year is the construction of a fairy garden. For most of you who aren't sure what a fairy garden is, think of it like a terrarium but with miniature accents and tiny landscaping. The Edmonton Journal posted an article a couple months ago explaining the growing trend. I've picked it up from other bloggers and Etsy, my source of inspiration for most things crafty.

I've started with a relatively small terracotta pot, about as round as a dinner plate. I've filled the bottom with pebbles and a foam wreath base. You should use charcoal if all your plants are going to be real, however since I'm mixing my one small fern with a bunch of plastic foliage, I opted for the foam. I'm covering all that with a layer of fertilized potting soil. I have this vision of a little flowery home with a creek and pond, so I've purchased small blue glass rocks to use as "water", and a little terracotta dish I will paint to look like a koi pond. I have a small birdhouse to fancy up and a pottery sugar bowl - I just couldn't decide which I prefered for the house. I'll post some before and after pictures once I have everything put together.

The appeal I think is that I have always loved miniature things. I used to own a collection of tiny tea sets. I built and decorated my own dollhouse when I was younger. When I was in high school, I used to use spare time on the computers for designing homes in AutoCAD. I wanted to be an architect until I was told I was "too creative" for the field. So instead: fairy gardens! I wouldn't at all be surprised if this first one turns out to be one of many little vistas I create.

HGTV's family project for this month is also a fairy garden, and although their step-by-step seems simple, I am using it as a guide in my own project to ensure I do what's needed to take care of the real plants I'm adding. The rest is all just flair. For inspiration, take a look at some of the magnificent gardens at The Magic Onions, which has been running a fairy gardens contest for several years now.

I'm so excited to put mine together and wait for the magic to happen!


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